The Tax Parcel Viewer provides users with property tax maps and links to Detailed Property Information for real estate property within Forsyth County.

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Note: It is important to note that the dimensions of lot lines included on all information maintained by the Forsyth County Tax Administration are calculated for tax purposes only. The acreage of a tax parcel may not match the deeded or platted acreage of the parcel. Similarly, the dimensions included on tax maps may not match the legal lot dimensions included on a plat or deed. To access information on the legal lot dimensions of a parcel, you can locate the deed of the parcel by accessing the Deeds tab on Detailed Property Information or going to the Register of Deeds Look Up

Additionally, all information on the Tax Parcel Viewer that is included in the ‘Parcel Annotation (Dimensions, Acreage etc)’ map layer is as of January 1 of the most recent year listed in the Assessment Map Archives. This includes tax lot dimensions, taxable acreage and zoning.

If you have any questions about these maps or how to use them, please call the Tax Customer Care Center at 336-703-2300.